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Niman Ranch Beef.

We buy our steaks from Niman Ranch, this is why.

Crossroads buys steaks from Niman Cattle Ranch
It's a family affair for one of the Niman cattle ranches.

Robb Krause is the third generation of ranchers in his family. His wife Becky and their children Riley, Landon and Allisa are all involved on the ranch. They grow corn, hay and oats on 1,500 acres, with approximately 4,000 acres in pasture. They sell bulls to neighboring ranches, then buy back their calves to raise for Niman Ranch. They farm sustainably by practicing crop rotation, wildlife preservation and installing buffer strips.

How many generations in your family are ranchers? Three.

How many family members are involved in your ranch? Myself and Becky, and our children Riley, Landon and Allisa.

How many cattle are on your ranch? Our herd is approximately 900 mother cows. We also sell bulls to neighboring ranches and buy back their calves to raise for Niman Ranch. Approximately 100 calves are purchased from this cooperative.

What crops are produced on your ranch? Corn, hay, oats are raised on 1500 acres, and we have approximately 4,000 acres of pasture.

Do you raise other animals? Our son Landon raises 100 sheep.

What’s the history of your family’s operation? I milked cows on my family farm before purchasing my own ranch in 1986. I’ve raised beef ever since.

What sustainable farming practices are a part of your ranch? Buffer strips, crop rotation and CST wildlife preservation.

How long have you sold cattle to Niman Ranch? Five years.

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